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Putting the fan’s experience and convenience at the center of every decision, process, tool, and service, enabling clubs to seamlessly service each individual fans’ unique wants and wishes.

Teamwork is essential to win and teaming up with our mother company PUMA and Manchester City Football Club has facilitated the creation of a premier omnichannel fan journey. This partnership allows Manchester City FC to maximize their fan reach on a global scale. A winning team, backed by leading tools and technology and putting fans first.

By fusing online and offline touchpoints and optimising fan data, we are continuously elevating the fan-club experience, ensuring Cityzens stay captivated and connected through personalised attention, customised club communication and convenient shopping. Dubbed fantricity, we cemented the concept as its primary watchword, guiding the Manchester City FC strategy and leading to the deployment of scalable state-of-the-art innovations that when synced together provide optimal service for fans, comprehensive insights for clubs and all derived from one single source of truth.


You can only imagine sharing data and creating one single source of truth between hundreds of products, an app, retail systems, player data, game statistics and a web-shop is no simple task. However, with the right players, the right strategy, and the right know-how, we have been able to establish a win-win customer journey that makes it a first in the field of football, and one that can be applied to clubs around the world.


Since 2019, PUMA and Manchester City FC have collaborated on a long-term sponsorship deal. “Teaming up with them couldn’t have been a more logical decision. Football is new territory for stichd, but we have close ties with PUMA and years of experience in event retail. We also have the support and experience that have given us the know-how to build a robust setup with our (tech) partners and Manchester City FC.” Peter Emerick, Brand Manager of Football at stichd.

As of July 2021, our teams hit the ground running, taking over full operations: product management, sales, e-commerce, retail and logistics. Creating a one-stop-shop for Manchester City FC.

Listen to the expert himself, telling us a bit more about the partnership here.


Behind the scenes and screens clubs need to master approaches for a new age where digitalisation and multi-screen use by fans are standard practice. Our motto to provide consciously crafted convenience allows us to meet the fan’s expectations and the club’s requirements, meaning we make it possible that any fan is immediately recognised in the system, regardless of their touchpoint.

We gather fan data, within the limits of the applicable privacy laws and regulations, across all commerce channels. It is by connecting these channels that the club is able to obtains a single view of the customer which flows through the Omnichannel Retail Platform – ORP, that in turn is connected to the different front facing technologies. Ultimately funnelling the fan data back and allowing for a 360 view of each fan. It is because of this complete view that the club, and your teams, can adapt and offer customisable interactions based on fans’ varying levels of engagement and purchasing patterns.

A bit too techy? We get it! Watch here Luuk Roestenberg, our Head of Digital Solutions break it down.

As for products, using serialized product data in the cloud and the GS1 digital link standard combined with RFID technology we are upping the game. Allowing for speed and transparency when it comes to inventory and stock management, plus opening-up more after-sales fan engagement opportunities. With serialized data in the cloud and RFID scanning technology, product stock and inventory are always up to date and accurate. Eliminating friction at time of purchase for faster and more efficient service.

“The success of our omnichannel retail operation comes from being fully integrated with the digital fan programme that is owned and operated by Manchester City FC. We’re able to sync in real-time, data and accounts, to ensure the fan experience is always the same. Whether the fan is buying a ticket for match day or buying a home kit and cap for their daughter, all in-store fixtures and products are directly connected to the web-shop, so all content coincides online and offline.” Olivera Barendrecht-Djurkic, Head of Retail at stichd.

Watch here Olivera talk all about our retail space and how we connect the digital space to the physical space to provide clubs and fans with exactly what they want and need at the right time.


As Luuk explains in his video, the tools and technology are a union of experts, each with an integral role. This fully connected omnichannel landscape offers a great foundation to build specific and even individual experiences for clubs and fans. Personalising every part of the journey, either by using data obtained by the club or by using machine learning, it’s possible to establish a centrally shared identity management strategy that is compliant with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Working as one has facilitated the creation of a fan centric strategy, where a happy fan is at the center of every action, ensuring; the right assortment, satisfied service, knowledgeable staff, efficient checkouts, and quality experiences 24/7 365.

Because we all know that happy fans, cheer louder in the stands!