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Sustainability Impact
At stichd, we Consciously Craft Convenience and as a leader in the industry, it is important to us to have the right processes in order for our people, our planet and a better future for all. Sustainability at stichd is not the effort of one person, but the result of a united front. 19 April 2023 marks another milestone for the stichd company. We are very proud and extremely excited to release our second Impact Report for 2022.

We stay committed to transparency in sharing our learnings. This year’s Impact Report includes several important lessons and goals. Our report highlights progress against our sustainability goals, encapsulating results and success stories, but also the challenges that we face and our next steps.

Our sustainability strategy centers around four main pillars — sustainable materials, supplier engagement, carbon footprint and our people. The strategic pillars encompass where we put our focus and how we aim to progress forward. To achieve our ambitions, we continue to strengthen each pillar by working with transparency to deliver meaningful progress. We continue to evolve our efforts, while acknowledging that we are on a long-term journey, and forever learning.

“This year has been filled with both challenges and many success stories. The year 2022 meant getting out of COVID, welcoming a new way of working and thinking, all while staying connected. For stichd, 2022 was a year filled with preparation, progress, and future investments” said Nina Nix, our CEO.

We advanced more sustainable material usage as a business. 10% of our cotton consumption is organically grown and we doubled the use of recycled polyamide and polyester compared to 2021. We are also excited to share that our supply chain partners progressed in the journey to sustainability and we now have 53% of partners with a leading environmental sustainability level and 83% with a leading social sustainability level.

In 2022 we made significant steps forward, but it didn’t come without any trials and tribulations. stichd experienced enormous growth during the last year. From tackling big projects like ERP and automation, to continuing the expansion of our brand portfolio and launching our very first BMW Lifestyle collection. We have also extended our family of experts with 185 new colleagues and now have employees from 50 countries. We aspire to build a better world, and to help our customers, consumers, our people and partners do the same.

With our purpose to Consciously Craft Convenience, we are continuously innovating, evolving, and learning; and supported by our family of experts we are dedicated to ensuring a positive social and environmental impact.

You can read all about the above and more in our 2022 Impact Report. This report covers the reporting period 1 January 2022 through 31 December 2022.

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