About Us

Our Story

For decades, we have woven together the fabric of our organization. stichd is a unique patchwork of many elements, strengthened by its history, products, brands and accomplishments.

Our Philosophy

From branded socks and underwear to swimwear and fanwear, we are proud to make products that are the most personal and emotional to you. They’re not just accessories. These humble heroes might be the first thing you put on, the last you take off, or the way you celebrate your favorite team.

Through weaving together design, sales, logistics, marketing and digital, we are crafting products that stay with you. And by connecting our brands, retailers and consumers, we are creating experiences that matter.

stichd is a strategic partner tailored for specific needs. We take our partners on a journey: understanding their needs, sharing our passion and delivering our services. This is how we create value. We know there are smaller categories within a brand that deserve appreciation. To give these products a home, we have to do things differently, customizing our approach for each client.

Speed without compromise.
Quality strengthened by agility.
A global mindset meets global capabilities.

stichd is a family of experts — a team of attentive, thoughtful individuals.

Diversity is key to collaboration.
Efficiency with warmth.
Integrity and humility.

Sonja Pallandt, Warehousing
This is the best work family that you could hope for.
Nina Nix
Xue Jing Lim, Product Designer
Izabela Rawat, Warehousing
John Caffé, Head of Marketing & Licensing
Ellen van Lent, Product Photographer
I feel that I can contribute. I go to work with a smile on my face every morning.