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stichd Logistics, our state-of-the-art warehouse is centrally located in Tilburg, a city full of charisma and forward-thinking logistic characteristics. As we are ever-evolving, the stichd Logistics warehouse is in the process of ensuring a future-proof distribution process. Industry automation has become a global movement in manufacturing and packaging processes and is one of the most used automation systems in the industry. As more and more companies switch to automation processes, we are proud to be implementing our first ever automation machine. This project is devoted to the use of automatic control systems in our packaging system. This omni-channel solution, which is high-performing and extremely versatile at the same time, enables us to cut lead times and to give our customers an even higher level of service.
Logistics Engineers

At stichd Logistics we are faced daily with processing large quantities and complex data. Logistics Engineers mainly work on projects to optimize the processes & to ensure that the company is prepared for the future. To be able to use this information flow for the steering of the different operational processes, it is essential to collect the right data, display it correctly, interpret it and communicate it to the relevant parties.

As a result, the Logistic Engineering team plans and implements new, comprehensive logistics concepts, considering the customer's wishes, feasibility, preliminary information, risks of failure, etc.

Stock control & Order processing

Having the right stock, in the right quantities, in the right place at the right time is crucial to the flow of our systems. This is where Stock Control steps in.

With this information, our Order Processing experts can convert the sales into orders. Daily we receive dozens of containers from Rotterdam and we have many trailers that leave our warehouse. Our Order Processing team is responsible for the processing procedure, so that our customers receive their goods on time and complete.

Capacity Control

Next up we have our Capacity Control team. After our Stock Control and Order Processing teams generate the orders for the operation, it is up to the Capacity Control team to allocate and prioritize the orders. Together with Sales, they are responsible for the forecasting of sales, associated capacity planning, and in turn leads to decisions over the planning for personnel.

It’s critical that this team keeps a close eye on the daily flow and provides a signal to take action on time.

Transport Planning

Now when it comes to planning with customers and carriers, our Transport Team is equipped with the right skills to make sure that all deliveries are delivered in good time. In addition, they set up the planning for incoming goods.

With all this responsibility comes the managing of all necessary transport documents as well. Our team knows exactly how to steer everything in the right direction to ensure we have happy customers. They are the glue that frequently stays in contact with the carriers, customers and our colleagues within stichd.


Here we produce all the stickers, work instructions and work preparations necessary for any repacking. stichd is a service-minded company, and therefore we provide Value Added Services. Often requests from clients include providing items with a price sticker, new barcodes or the customer item number. It is up to our VAS-Planning team to make sure this is added correctly.

It is also up to them to find out what the consequences of the customers' wishes are for our processes. In addition, the correct estimation of work, time and manpower as well as planning and cooperating with other departments within stichd Logistics are essential for this department.

Together at stichd Logistics our family of experts are dedicated to ensuring happy customers and smooth processes. But more important, our modern warehouse is future-proof and provides an exciting workplace and the best possible working environment for our employees.