Brabant is Buzzing

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Wait? What is Brabant?
Called the most welcoming province of the Netherlands, Brabant is located at the heart of Europe. Known for its hospitality, this culture-rich province has everything. We’re talking De Efteling amusement park, Bavaria Brewery, Philips. Even a safari park!

From historical cities to beautiful nature, Brabant is the perfect nesting place with something for everyone. It also happens to be the home of stichd HQ located in Den Bosch and stichd Logistics in Tilburg.

There is so much happening in this little area of the world and we're thrilled to give you an insider's tour. Taking you to Den Bosch, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Breda, and places in-between.

Did you know Brabant is officially called North Brabant?

Although located in the relatively small country of the Netherlands, Brabant has a very unique culture to the rest of the country. It even has its own accent and dialect. Many proudly speak with a soft 'g' rather than the harder 'g' spoken in the bigger cities. Additionally, Brabant is home to its own Carnaval celebrations. A real big deal around here and something many plan their entire calendars around.

To give you a proper tour, we've asked some proper Brabant locals and stichd family members to show you around...

- In Den Bosch, we have Marjolein and Mahesh showing us the sights as they run.

- In Tilburg, we have Lesley and Jana appealing to our hungry sides.

- In Eindhoven, we have Geert and Suzanne exploring the biggest city of Brabant

- In Breda, we see the hype and the happenings of Josephine's historic city

- To conclude, discover more about Den Bosch and the surrounding area with Joost.

Being headquartered in Brabant means we have easy access to all the Bossche bollen our hearts desire!
Hopefully we'll see you in the area soon. As we say in Brabant.....Houdoe!

For more information on Brabant, please check out: https://traveltrade.visitbraba...

And if you ever want to try a Bossche bollen, head over to Jan de Groot in Den Bosch. Make sure you're early. Lines can get pretty long.