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Sustainability Impact
It has been nearly two years since we officially began our sustainability journey at stichd. While prior steps had been made, June 2020 was a moment for us to come together, take a serious look at our business, and reimagine our future by setting up our sustainability strategy. Actioning collective change as a single united front.

On March 31, 2022, we proudly launched out first stichd Impact Report 2021.

Our sustainability strategy remains a journey we are devoted to seeing through. Collaborating with all stakeholders and partners, it is not the job or efforts of one person, but the result of our entire stichd community working as one. We are steadfast in making holistic changes, making a positive impact, and reaching our sustainability targets together.

Our journey leads up to this point and the creation of our first Impact Report. Our first step in making our efforts transparent, while still learning and improving together.


Our sustainability strategy consists of four strategic pillars:

1) Sustainable Materials

2) Supplier Engagement

3) Carbon Footprint

4) Our People

For each of these strategic pillars we have defined objectives and key focus areas which we will update and report on every year. You can read all about the four pillars, our strategic objectives and 5-year plan in our Impact Report. Here we also talk about our vision, the results of 2021, the challenges we face and the next steps in our journey for all our categories.


We are committed to accelerating the speed of change and although we are still learning and improving, we are proud of what we have achieved up to today.

95% of our bodywear & legwear is produced with more sustainable cotton.

85% of our swimwear contains recycled materials.

We have an 89% employee engagement score.

We use 100% renewable energy in our headquarters and warehouse.

59% of our workforce is women.

Also, 47% of our essentials & 40% of our fanwear Tier 1 factories have a leading environmental sustainability level. And, as for social sustainability, 44% of our essentials & 40% of our fanwear factories also have a leading level.

Read more about all our key highlights in our Impact Report.


We are making more conscious and considered material choices to limit our environmental footprint. We have done our homework, and we understand that the production of conventional materials such as cotton, polyester, and polyamide create negative environmental impacts. By choosing alternative and certified materials we aim to minimize our impact one product at a time. We embrace the same vision for product packaging and trade marketing materials.


We take sustainability seriously and our partnerships and collaborations are key to a successful change. For both our Essentials & Fanwear categories our vision is to always work with the right suppliers and quality materials to achieve high standard products that a good for consumer and great for the planet.

When it comes to our suppliers, we act as ambassadors for our portfolio of suppliers around the globe. To achieve optimal supplier engagement, alignment between our teams and our supplier base is vital. Having a line of communication through local sourcing and product development teams help keep our partnerships and collaborations open, honest, and efficient.


The climate crisis is one of the world’s most urgent challenges, of which we are already experiencing its negative effects. According to science, we must dramatically curb temperature rise to avoid catastrophic impacts. At stichd we also support the race to limit global warming to 1.5°C to prevent the worst effects of climate change. We are working to reduce our CO2 footprint by cutting energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and choosing low emission transport.


At stichd our people are our top priority. Our people make the difference. It is their efforts that determine the success of our organization. We do this by nurturing our family, connecting, and supporting each other while always encouraging learning and growing.

By Consciously Crafting Convenience our purpose translates into effortless business, quality product and seamless shopping experiences.

You can read all about the above and more in our first Impact Report launched the 31st of March 2022. This report covers the reporting period 1 January 2021 through 31 December 2021.