stichd X SCOTCH & SODA

Brand Partner Scotch & Soda
Partnering with Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda was a natural fit right off the bat. We have officially announced our long-term licensing partnership for the design, production, and distribution of the brand’s bodywear (underwear) and legwear (sock) collections. We will start with a launch for men, but while celebrating the spring/summer 2023, a plan to expand with a women's collection soon after is under way.

Infusing the Scotch & Soda brand DNA into bodywear and legwear, we have developed a product range reflecting the brand’s core identity, inspired by the free spirit of Amsterdam. In line with the brand’s identity, the products feature signature details, that offer a sense of joy, freedom and playfulness through unexpected details and colours with a distinctive design. Including essential styles, as well as seasonal variations, the collection targets both the classic dresser and trend-trier.

At stichd we are real detail nerds and specialize in high-quality bodywear, legwear, swimwear, fanwear and lifestyle apparel and accessories. With years of experience in the B2B and B2C market, we feel confidently in designing, producing, and delivering retailers with optimal assortments, accurate inventory levels and an effortless order process.

The men’s underwear line includes a variety of comfortable cotton boxers for everyday dressing. The essential styles feature monochromatic variations in both dark and light colours with contrasting accent colours used in the waistband, displaying the brand’s logo. Seasonal styles play with bright colours, geometric or abstract patterns, and floral prints.

The legwear line includes timeless crew socks, ankle socks and no-show silhouettes. Offered in both core range and seasonal variations. Inspired by the free spirit of Amsterdam, the new Scotch & Soda logo is incorporated in different elements throughout the collection. Across all styles, you will discover the signature dip toe design and surprise “Have a nice day” message detail inside the welt.

The collection of socks and underwear designed for Scotch & Soda feature organically grown cotton and waistbands that contain recycled materials. We will continue to deliver quality that is unmatched and thanks to our innovative technology and continuous research, these socks can be washed at 10 degrees lower than average.

Collectively we are redesigning the future and together with Scotch & Soda we are dedicated to ensuring a positive social and environmental impact.

The Scotch & Soda bodywear and legwear collection is available in stores, on selected Ecommerce platforms and wholesale.