Interview: Myriam Mense (Creative Director Product)

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We have grown so much over the past 4 years. Sometimes it may even feel as if we are growing too fast. There is never a dull moment!
You’ve been with us for 4 years now. What has changed?

The importance of design has really changed. Back when I started it was often a matter of 'Give me the same underwear in a different color.' Now we are looking more at the end consumer who wants different things. Socks and underwear felt more like a bulk item 5 or 10 years ago. Nowadays they have really trended up as a key item to accessorize your outfit. Even luxury brands are selling their own socks. For consumers, it means buying into a brand that you otherwise can’t. For socks this has really gained traction, but it is the same for underwear waistbands. You can make a statement with those. The athleisure trend also has helped as showing off logos became more apparent. It is a big inspiration to have a woman as a CEO. Even the company as a whole is much more diverse than when I started, as we have many people from different backgrounds.

How do you design good underwear?

That totally depends on the brand you design for and the brief. You want to make sure that your essentials are comfortable. But the meaning of comfort depends on how the product will be used. It also depends on the consumer and that varies as well. So, there is no single answer to that.

What part of stichd do you see in yourself?

I am a stichd person. I travel quite a lot and I represent the company. We are a part of so many brands with different consumers, which is extremely exciting. This requires distinct angles and variant views. I like the switching from one market to the other. Maybe 'swichd' would have also been a great name for the company!

And as for the future?

I hope to have more products in our portfolio and continue to deliver high end products. Personally, I’m aiming to build my design team to continuously deliver top notch products, taking it to an even higher level. In the past we were a licensing company — now we’re a brand. It’s a really exciting evolution!